Actually we don’t enjoy the diet foods. When we think of diet we only think of the foods that are not tasty at all. But we can stick to our weight lose plan by having nutritious, healthy and tasty diet foods. For this reason we have to know about some delicious diet foods. One should have low calorie snacks, healthier fast foods and most importantly low fat dairy products. Try to have delicious Diet foods.

Diet Foods that are tasty and can help to lose weight

Take whole grain diet

Reduce the amount of white foods such as sugar, flour, rice, corn and potatoes etc. Instead eat brown rice. Brown rice is very good for you but black rice is even more beneficial. It has a lot of vitamin E and can improve your immune system. And it has fewer calories than the white rice. So I am talking about whole grain foods. Whole grain foods are great diet foods because they give you enough fibers. Fibers are essential for your overall digestive system and weight management program. You can lose weight by high fiber fruits.

Eat green vegetables

Replace most of your white foods by fresh green veggies. Eat a lot of cabbages, broccoli and green beans. Try to mix up the colorful fruits with green vegetables. This will look great and also increase your appetite. Fill your stomach with green vegetables. There are many recipes which can make your vegetable diet foods tasty. Look for tasty diet food recipes of green vegetables. Look for alternative sources of protein. Convenient lunch packs can be made by veggie with low fat dip.

Tasty low fat dairy products and soy milks

Try to have a soy milk shake at the morning. Soy milk can be used as a great protein source. Mix up your shake with mild vanilla or chocolate flavoring. Add food colors to make it attractive. Milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, sour cream all are available at low fat versions, Try them. Fat free half and half can used instead of heavy cream. You will be able to trim fat effectively by using these foods in your daily routine.

Healthier fast foods

Garnish your diet foods and make it look appealing. Try to make something new. Have a wrap of wheat with grilled chicken, lean meats with mixed vegetables. Have your Quiznos flatbread Sammies without cheese. Always find the ways of lowering the calories from the fast foods. This process can be included in your best diet foods chart.

Fruits as diet foods

Try to eat a lot of colorful vegetables and fruits. Try to full your stomach with fruits. Carbohydrate should be replaced by these. We all should agree in one thing that foods are the tastiest foods. So why not use them in your diet frequently. Replace your dinner with fruits. Try to know how to lose weight by fruits. There are many fruits which will help you losing weight as well as giving you a healthier sexual life.

Tasty fishes

Eat a lot of fish. Fish oil contains Omega -3 fatty acids which are very useful. This works as a cardiovascular antioxidant. This will also increase the beauty of your skin and hair. Fishes are easily absorbed by the body. These proteins are full of essential fats. High quality proteins with useful fat that’s all you need for losing weight and get a great shape.

Lean proteins

Try to have plant based protein and calcium. You can eat white meat, pulse and fish but try to avoid red meat. It’s important for dieters to have lean proteins. Have your poultry products without skins. Eat enough eggs. Beans, crabs, shrimps and fishes are excellent. You can also have beef by cutting them into lean pieces as like as filet mignon. Trim all types of fats from your meat and use lean cuts. You can take 10 to 35 % of your calories from protein. (According to the Institute of Medicines Food and Nutrition board). In your daily 1800 calorie diet you can eat up to 157 grams protein.


You can have nicely seasoned salads. You can have toss salad with a lot of healthy chilies. This will give you a lot of fibers. This chili can reduce your fat to a great extent. Salads are a great solution to diet plan program. Using salads for lunch is a great idea for weight loss. Use vinegar in your salads. Apple Cider vinegar can be used. In market you will get a lot of nonfat or low fat salad dressings. Use them.


At last drink a lot of water. And have a glass of fat less milk. Milk is an ideal food and a great source of protein and energy. Rice and soya milk is excellent. Try to avoid dairy products and emphasize on soy or rice milk. Used black iced teas without any sugar even don’t use artificial sweeteners. Enjoy the whole tea. Add lemon in your iced teas. The most useful will be using green tea. The benefits of green tea are overwhelming. Green tea can help to lose weight. These are full of antioxidants. Use herbal or exotic teas.

Diet friendly deserts

Make low carb deserts. Why not chew sugarless chewing gums. You can use skinny cow cones if you are an ice cream maniac. Hershey’s 100-calorie wafer bars are great for cookie lovers. Find sweet foods like these. These will not harm your diet.

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