Why you should do cardio?

Cardio means cardiovascular exercises. It is very important these days as it keeps the most precious organ of our body safe.

We know from statistics that each day 2,500 Americans die because of heart attack and other heart disease. People around the world, but especially Americans, are overweight, and for the benefit of their health, they must learn to control their weight.

People are so busy that they could not get time to do exercise. But for our own sake we have to do some exercises. If you cannot go to gym to do strength training that’s okay but try to do some cardio daily. Actually cardio is that type of exercise which keeps oxygen supply to our blood at a very good level which in terms helps to burn fat. Thus cardio helps us to lose weight.

There are many forms of cardio. Even walking is one kind of very useful cardio. Walking, Running, Cycling, swimming and treadmill all are cardio. So choose the cardio which suits you.

If you have weak knees or back pains then walk. Try to walk fast. If not possible walk slowly. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk very fast or run. Any kind of cardio is healthy. It increases are pulse rate and keeps the heart working. Heart remains healthy and we remain safe from diseases. Cardio makes our heart and lungs strong. Mainly cardio involves the activities of our hands, legs etc to strength the heart.

So try to know more about cardio and to do it accordingly. Create some free time when you can do some exercises which will increase your life span.

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