Kundalini Yoga is being practiced for a long time by the Yoga loving people. This Yoga helps to give strength along with spiritual development. This Yoga mainly helps to relax our organs to perform better. Actually this exercise mainly deals with breathing techniques. There are many forms of Kundalini Yoga, such as –

  • Low slow deep breath
  • Slow left/right breathing
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Inhale left exhale right and vice – versa
  • Breath of fire and many more.

All the Yoga have their own characteristics and effectiveness. In this article we cannot discuss the functions of all the Yoga. We will discuss about Breath of Fire.

Breath of fire helps to heat the body. It is a very good survival technique. It can be called the main and effective exercise of Kundalini Yoga.

How Breath of fire can be done?

For doing this practice you just have to sit down on the floor in a comfortable position. The main equipment you need is your nose!

Sit down with cross legged. Straighten up your spine. It will help you take more breath inside. Yoga cannot be done without sitting tall.

Relax your hands on your knees. The hands can be placed in ‘Gyan Mudra’ position which is the position of knowledge.

Close your eyes. Eyes should be aiming at the brow point. Start Breath of Fire with strong breathing. Move your diaphragm with inhalation and exhalation. Keep a steady motion. At first you will not be able to do it fast. Just try to keep the rhythm for three minutes. That’s it! Try to do this for at least 5 minutes a day. This will certainly improve many functions of your body and mind.

As you practice more and more you will be able to do it with more pace. Try to do it like fast sniffing. Please watch this video for assistance. Try to make perfect breath of fire.

Benefits of Breath of fire Kundalini Yoga

  • Breath of fire helps to improve digestive system. It helps better elimination from the stomach.
  • Effective removals of wastes are done by this technique and detoxifying process really performs well. Good amount of oxygen supply in the blood helps the detoxifying process.
  • It is a very good exercise for the respiratory system. It helps the lung capacity to increase.
  • By strong breathing a lot of energy is found in the core of the body.
  • We get our nervous system working better.
  • Internal organs perform very well and we get great balance.

Caution while doing Breath of fire

Some cautious steps should be taken before doing breath of fire.

  • If you have vertigo or you feel dizzy while doing breath of fire then do it with extra care according to your capability
  • While menstruation do not do this. You can do low slow deep breath at these times.
  • If you have high BP or suffered from stroke previously then do this yoga cautiously.

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