For making the arms strong with some nice shaped toned biceps there is no other way but to have arm workouts. There are several arm workout techniques. We first have to reduce the fat that is covering up the muscles of our arms. When the muscles are out by burning the fat, we can start the muscle increasing exercises. So at first try to do some workouts that will burn the fat out then we will try the traditional gym works to increase the muscles.

Burning the Arm Fat

  1. For making the muscles to come out we can do some cardio as cycling or running. I prefer running the most as it can burn not only the arm’s fat but also tone the whole body. Running will be great to dehydrate the fats covering the arm muscle. And this cardio can help us to make the warm up easily.
  2. If we have weights then we can use them. But it is to be remembered that the each weight must not be more than 1.5 kilograms as we have to burn the fat. So take the low weight dumbbells and do the bicep exercises. It is obvious that we have to do these exercises for at least three sets, each set having 20-30 ups and down of the arm. This exercise can be done by free hand also. So increase the frequency but use low weight.
  3. By taking the low weight dumbbells we can do combined bicep and triceps exercises easily according to the above mentioned step.
  4. Try to do a lot of pushups. Pushups help a great deal to improve the muscles of bicep and triceps simultaneously. If you can do pushups frequently then it can be proved very beneficial for chest. But remember that pushups are the indicator of your strength. The more pushups you can do the stronger you are. It gives your arms the necessary strength so that you can involve heavy bicep exercises.
  5. Do the above steps for about 2-3 months or more according to the size and amount of fat in your arms. And remember when you are doing bicep exercises do them in such a way that it only puts pressure on the biceps but not on the other parts like wrists.

Exercises for Muscle Growth

  1. Very first exercise that can give us great benefit is the one at a time bicep curl. This is done by taking the appropriate weights according to your arms strength. Take weights in both hands .Take the weights up and then lower it down. Keep that in mind that you should lower it after a short pause. Do it about 15-20 times for one arm. Then repeat the procedures for the other arm. Do this for about 3 -4 sets.
  2. Another good exercise for growing muscles is the alternate biceps curl. This is done by taking the dumbbells in both the hands and then by bending the elbow to elevate the arm. Do it by following the same procedures as discussed in the step 1. But make sure when you are lowering the elbow of the first arm start to raise the second arm. This is the difference between one at a time bicep curl and alternate bicep curl. Four sets each having 20 turns will bring you good results.

  1. The next effective exercise is done by standing up straightly and then taking both the dumbbells up to the height of your shoulders . After a while lower you arms . Remember try to raise the dumbbells with the arms. Do not tale the help of shoulders or the upper part of the body to raise the dumbbells. Do at least three sets.
  2. This time grab the dumbbells along the side of your body and then raise them both. Keep them raised for while and do it for 15-20 times in a set. Do at least three sets. This is known as the Hammer curl.
  3. The alternate bicep curls can be done by sitting also. By doing it seating you can give more concentration on your arms which is very much necessary.
  4. The alternate bicep curls can be done by lying on an inclined bench also. It teaches you how to keep balance and to grow muscles. Do not use any upper part of your body to jerk the dumbbells up.
  5. A very much effective exercise can be the Inclined Concentration Bicep Curl. For this, first stand behind an inclined bench and rest the arm on the bench. Raise it and keep steady for while and then lower it. Do it for several times and in several segments.

  1. The most effective bicep exercise is the Preacher curl. Preacher is a 90 degree angled arm pad. Keep both the arms on the preacher table. Raise both the arms having a burble in the hand. Feel the burning of muscles in your arms.
  2. The most common bicep exercise is the burble bicep curl. Have a burble of ambient weight and then raise it with both the hands. Do not use the wrists to help you raising the burble. Do it all with your arms. Do it for at least 3 sets. This can be done by straight bars or the bars which give you the inside grip. Both videos are given below.


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