The great medicinal and herbal powers of green tea needs no telling. Tea is the most popular drink among the people. But it is matter of surprise that unprocessed or partially processed tea has some extra excellent benefits. The practice of having this tea was started in China a few thousand years ago. Since then people are extracting the benefits from it consciously or subconsciously. It is a  mild drink with a great preventive power to certain diseases . This tea making process involves the minimum oxidation which makes it different from the fully processed black tea. Now a days the scientist from all part of the world are mentioning the benefits of having green tea. For example  scientists of National Institute of cancer discovered after an epidemiological study  that drinking green tea reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. In China men and women have a lot of green tea in regular basis . So the percentage of esophageal cancer is much less in China.  Thus it is  proved that  green tea has a great prospective for the prevention of many dangerous diseases.

The Benefits of Green Tea

Some of the most important benefits of green tea are discussed here:

  1. Now a days a lot of people die because of stroke. It has become a frequent phenomenon today. And to our surprise ! this excellent herb green tea can help us to reduce the risk of stoke. It actually prevents the growth of abnormal blood clots . So by these means it minimizes the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  2. It helps us to burn down some fat as it has some calorie burning ability . So drinking it in a regular manner will help us to reduce our body fat. It also has an ability to suppress the appetite.
  3. It can fight against some bacterial diseases. It can sometimes destroy the bacteria causing stomach ache and food poisoning.  There is a great use of green tea in keeping the oral hygiene.
  4. Green tea can be proved very useful for having a healthy heart. It minimizes the cholesterol and also can bring a great relief from hypertension.
  5. It increase our vitality by giving us energy and maintaining the body heat. It is very much useful for burning more fat as it is believed to have some polyphenols. It can also keep us healthy by removing free radicals.
  6. It can keep us healthy by maintaining a good ratio of good (HDL) and bad(LDL) cholesterol. It is also proved from the researches that green tea can hinder the growth of cancer cells.
  7. The tea has a magnificent ability to modify the functions of  hormones like norepinephrine . This type of hormones are used as a neurotransmitter. These hormone  can also raise the blood pressure.
  8. The rich catechin polyphenols can help us to restrain the growth of cancer cells. And this tea is rich in these kind of polyphenols specially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This great anti oxidant is present in the it. So have green tea regularly. The anti oxidants that it contains are the most powerful and effective.
  9. People suffering from diabetes can have a great relief by hearing  that daily consumption of this tea can help them to control the level of sugar .
  10. If you are a health conscious and diet loving person then add green tea in your daily diet. It can help you to have great immunity system with great mental and physical conditions. Green tea can give you a great preventive powers against depression also.

Detrimental Effects?

After researching for so many days, doctors found that the tea is a great herbal medicine but it can sometimes be the cause of  less sleep. So green tea can sometimes cause insomnia.

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