From centuries vinegar has been used for many purposes. Apple cider vinegar is a special type. You know that the main element of vinegar is the acetic acid. Like other vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar also contains acetic acid. In addition it also contains lactic, malic and citric acids. In this article I will try to describe apple cider vinegar benefits. If you take 2-3 glasses of apple cider vinegar daily you will see improvement in your skin, hair conditions. That’s why; this liquid is an extremely good health tonic. Some studies show that vinegar can deal with several health conditions such as diabetes and obesity. In this article I will talk about the apple cider vinegar health benefits. Before that we should know about some facts.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is the product of fermentation. Bacteria and yeast are very important for manufacturing this vinegar. The sugar in the apple cider is broken down by these microorganisms and fungi. By chemical reaction sugar turns into alcohol. This alcohol is further fermented is get vinegar. It is to be mentioned that white vinegar can be produced from any kind of fruit but apple cider vinegar is produced by pulverized apples. This vinegar also contains vitamins, minerals and salt other than acids. Now our question should be – Does drinking apple cider vinegar give us benefits? Should we take apple cider vinegar diet? The answer is yes.

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

If you look deeper into this product you will find a lot of benefits. If you add this drink in your daily diet than many problems can be solved without taking any extra medicines. Apple cider vinegar can help us in skin problems, allergies, inflammation of joints, fatigue syndrome, flu, diabetes and obesity. In internet or in many books we find claims which seemed to be interesting. This pages claim that apple cider vinegar cures everything. Now let’s talk about the benefits of apple cider vinegar in details.


The effect of this vinegar on controlling blood sugar is significant. From reliable studies it is proved that the performance of this vinegar in controlling blood sugar is very promising. It can also diminish the glucose level. From a study it is seen that people who took 2 table spoons of this liquid before bed were found to have a lower level of glucose (4-6%). From the Pakistan journal of Biological sciences it was seen that diabetic rats were found to have an increased HDL level after taking apple cider vinegar diet.

High cholesterol and arteries

This vinegar is found to emulsify cholesterol. It also liquefies the fats, mucus and arterial deposits. It is a great remedy to control cholesterol. From an ancient time physicians from India and Egypt have been using this to improve blood flow. If dietary modifications are made then cider vinegar can reduce up to 30% bad cholesterol.

Blood pressure

In a study conducted upon rats proved that this drink can lower the high levels of blood pressure. So apple cider vinegar for high blood pressure can be proved as a great remedy. In a different observation it was seen that people who ate salads with vinegar dressing for 5-6 times a day were less vulnerable to high BP.


The effect of vinegar on cancer cells is controversial. In some studies it was proved that it can slow down the growth of cancer cells. Different studies showed that vinegar can slow the growth of esophageal cancer but it can raise the risk of bladder cancer.

Apple cider vinegar weight loss

From an ancient time vinegar has been used for weight loss purposes. There’s a question – will apple cider vinegar help you lose weight? The answer is “may be” yes. From small scientific researches it has been seen that people who ate bread with a small amount of vinegar felt very much satisfied than the people who ate the bread only. From small studies published in Bioscience in 2009, it was seen that obese people who consumed acetic acid continuously for 12 weeks found to have a significant reduction in body mass. From another study conducted on rats proved that vinegars prevent body fats to build up and also diminish certain liver fats. So in future we might have a weight loss technique called apple cider weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies (Home remedies)

There are benefits of raw apple cider vinegar and can be turned into some excellent home remedies.

Hair care and dandruff control

You can get rid of annoying dandruff by using this recipe. Follow this steps

  1. Take ¼ cup water.
  2. Mix ¼ cup of water with the water.
  3. Keep this mixture into a spray bottle.
  4. Spritz this solution on hair and sculp. (avoid the eye and ear area)
  5. Cover your head with a towel. You can keep the towel for 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  6. Wash the hair.

Actually benefits of apple cider vinegar for hair is be described by the scientific researches. The fact is that – this solution discourage the growth of malassezia furfur which is a fungus. This fungus can trigger dandruff.

Skin care and Acne removal

It’s a very simple process. Mix one part apple vinegar with three parts of water. Dab the solution directly on the acne prone skin and pimples. If strong vinegar is used then it may cause burning of skin. So be cautious while using on the soft skin.

Apple cider vinegar side effects

Now you may ask about the risks of apple cider vinegar. As a whole the risks are occasional. If you are using full strength acv for a long time and for large amounts you could have some risks. There are a few things that have to be kept in mind:

  • If used in undiluted form it can damage esophagus and some other digestive part. Moreover, Stomach, duodenum and stomach can be damaged.
  • This drink can damage teeth enamel.
  • Too much consumption can cause hypokalemia or deficiency of potassium in blood. It can cause low bone mineral density also.
  • Allergic people should avoid this.
  • Direct application on the skin can cause skin damage and scars.

End of the day we can say that the benefits of apple cider vinegar is outstanding. But it has to be used carefully.

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