It is easy to take your health for granted, especially when you’re young. Multitasking is a skill set that you rely on to get you through a busy day. But as you move from you twenties, thirties and so on, the physical demands on the body starts to take a toll and you realize that you are not as rock solid as before.

A certain amount of diminished capacity comes with aging and that is totally understandable. But it does not mean you should throw caution to the wind and let Mother Nature have her way with you. Even young adults have bouts of forgetfulness.

In fact, it is more beneficial to you to maintain your healthy life-style with adjustments made to your program to make it age appropriate. Exercising your brain is one muscle you should concentrate working on every day.

Exercise Everyday

It is paramount to have a healthy working brain and daily exercise is essential to keeping your memory sharp. Exercise benefits all ages and how it works is that it repairs and stimulates the growth of brain cells, it supplies oxygen rich blood to the brain.

Exercise does not have to be rigorous to benefit from it. A brisk walk in the park for 20-30 minutes should be sufficient to break a sweat. Because this exercise is considered low-impact, you can safely walk every day.

Eat Healthy

Talk to a registered nutritionist for great food preparation advice for what healthy foods are considered ‘brain food.’ A diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables delivers a mega boost of antioxidants and vitamins for overall benefits. Tuna and mackerel are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Nuts are a great choice for strengthening the brain as it assists with your memory. Avoid consuming large amounts of processed foods because it contains trans-fatty acids that are considered a danger to the general well-being of the entire body.

Get a Hobby

Sit idle every day can result in diminish brain capacity. If your job no longer challenges your brain, then take up activities that encourage your brain to think. You can find exciting challenges in your normal environment without having to spend a dime.

The cross-word puzzle is fun to do and is an excellent why to improve your spelling and use your memory to recall information. Memory retention is also improved because you have to concentrate on what you are doing.

Other fun activities that give the same benefits as a cross-word puzzle are gardening, house-chores and having friends over to share a meal also helps improve your brain; as the social interaction with friends, works that part of your brain that triggers the neurotransmitters responsible for pleasure, releasing endorphins into your brain that make you feel euphoric.

Get Enough Sleep

Try staying awake for an entire night and then go to work. You will feel nothing less than irritable, sluggish and lack temporary cognitive inability. This is because sleep is important for your brain to function. Without sufficient rest, concentration becomes impaired and your decision making skills becomes cloudy at best.

Scientists believe that the brain never sleeps, but instead certain parts go into a sort of dormancy; while other parts of the brain are fully engaged while you sleep; carrying out necessary repairs or maintenance. When you lack sleep, you upset the balance of how your brain works.

These suggestions for activities that keep your mind sharp as you age, is applicable to all ages and the sooner you start to strengthen your mind the better it will serve you.

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