As a human being, feeling anxious is a very common thing. The human race would not have survived if there is no anxiety. Anxiety prevents us from taking too many foolhardy risks. But too much anxiety is really awful. When it comes to the point of normal anxiety it can be controlled like chronic diseases. But some have experienced the effect of anxiety in the form of overwhelming fear, unrealistic things, panic attacks, phobias etc. Sometimes these anxieties create obsessive compulsive behavior and post- traumatic stress reaction which make the life full of impediments. Fear is the internal alarm which makes us aware about our self protection. But this fear, originated from anxiety can seriously take possessions of one’s body, mind and feelings.

Understanding or feeling the anxiety

First try to understand the anxiety. May be one morning you wake up and a unidentifiable fear grasps you, your heart may be banging in your chest. You tell yourself not to worry. You push up your mind to get rid of that. But it comes back again after sometimes. And when it comes again, the effect is as terrible as it was in the first time!!

Causes of anxiety

Anxiety is closely related to stress. Stress is the pressure that takes us away from our comfort zone. Stress and anxiety is closely related to each other.  Disturbance of sleep is one of the most common reasons for anxiety or stress. Physical complaints, excessive alcoholism, depression and also burnout can cause anxiety. Anxiety refers to giving total response to stress.

Facing anxiety

We have to face anxiety. We have to fight with it otherwise we have to suffer a great deal. We have to use our powerful brain. Try to express what you feel inside. Most of the cases you are not been able to express the inner condition of our mind. When we look forward expressing it many will say

  • Hey cheer up, big boys don’t cry
  • Don’t be a scared chicken
  • Get it over!

Words to this effect.

When someone hears these types of words it doesn’t help them rather it harms them. So we have to know what our feelings are. Try to use some vocabulary to describe anxiety. Use the words disturbed, agitated, apprehensive, timid, terrified, shaky, panicked, scared etc.  As anxiety hinders the access to our full brain we have to take some help from the specialists. Before anxiety controls you, take measures to tame the anxiety.

Overcoming anxiety

We have to tackle anxiety. Our business will be to overcome anxiety and different kinds of phobias and stresses. First we must have a glance at the major reasons of anxiety. These are:

  • Disturbed sleep
  • inability to relax
  • imagining catastrophe
  • anticipated fear
  • poor concentration
  • negative thoughts

How to control anxiety?

Now let’s talk about the necessary steps that should be taken to get rid of this anxiety.

  1. Learn how to relax. For making your anxiety tame, learn how to calm down your mind. This is very vital in respect of anxiety because it is the hardest part to gain. Try yoga method, 7/11 method, breathing method, clenched fist method or try to learn the full body method to get relaxed.
  2. Make a special place for yourself. It is very much useful to have a safe place where you can have your time and close your eyes imagining the most beautiful things that happened to your life. Imagine walking in sea a beach. Imagine you are playing your most favorite childhood game. This will help you.
  3. Try to practice mindfulness. When you are suffering from anxiety we do most of our works absentmindedly. Mindfulness may be the technique you want to apply to get rid of anxiety.
  4. Try to do the easiest but important tasks first. This will build up your confidence. When we are confident we do not feel anxiety.
  5. Don’t worry about sleeping less. Have a good night sleep but good night sleep doesn’t mean long hours of sleeping. You can manage your daily activities by sleeping only 4 hours a day. So don’t get tensed about sleeping. A 7 hour sleep is very much ok. If you have 2 hours less then don’t get tensed about it. But try to follow some rules to have a nice sleep.
    • go to bed early.
    • do not consume much caffeine in the evening.
    • stop drinking alcohol.
  6. Try to do the boring works at night. If you do the extremely boring job for 30 minutes at night it will make you feel asleep. If the work has been done try to do another boring job for 30 minutes. This will definitely increase your sleep and decrease anxiety.
  7. Make an intimate friend with whom you can share your most painful or most joyful moments. This will help you to remain calm and have the peace of mind for at least sometimes.
  8. If you have an affair, try to enjoy it. Try to get the most beautiful benefits of the relationship. It will help you to decrease anxiety.
  9. Self development jobs are very much important. Try to find out what things give you most pleasure. Do these things often and enjoy the benefits.

Try to follow these rules. Hope you will be benefited. For any other questions about anxiety or anxiety disorder you are very much welcome to contact us.

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