Have you gained too much weight due to pregnancy? Do you look dull after the birth of the child? Have you gone through c-section delivery? Are you looking for ways to find your pre-pregnancy joy and spirit of life? If your answer to any of these two questions is yes, then postnatal, also known as postpartum, yoga is the perfect solution for you. If you are really excited to get back in shape and feel relaxed, join a good postnatal yoga (Rückbildungsgymnastik in German language) class; you will find many in the town. However, before you delve into post-pregnancy yoga exercises, it is essential to know the fundamental things about them.

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Can I start it immediately after delivery?

Postpartum YogaIt is recommended to begin postpartum yoga exercises once bleeding stops after the child birth. However, first you should consult the doctor once after delivery and make sure that your baby and you are completely out of physical trauma. If you have wounds due to C-section, let them recover first else it may start bleeding again. However, you can start walking immediately after giving birth to the child. In the beginning, walk slowly and gently within your house only. If you want to go out, in a nearby park or garden, make sure you are not alone!

Which Yoga styles I can Practice?

As said earlier, walking is essentially a great post pregnancy exercise. However, if you are not able to do something like this. You may better join the post pregnancy yoga class located in your city. Though don’t show over-excitement in joining a yoga studio. Let your baby at least 10 week old, else you will remain only breastfeeding your child during the class. If you don’t want to leave your home yet keen on learning post-partum yoga exercises, you can purchase a good DVD and practice the yoga on your own. This way, you can practice at your convenient time and for as many times as you wish.

What benefits I will receive from Post-Pregnancy Yoga Exercises?

Not just one, two or three, but there are plenty of benefits you will receive from practicing postpartum yoga. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

Your muscle strength will increase and weight will be reduced considerably, bringing you back in shape, in your style
Reduce backaches and neck pain
Relieve you from tiredness and make you feel energetic
Ensure ease in sleeping, which is very difficult to get after pregnancy
Motivate new mothers to eat healthy and stay fit
Maintain mood and subjective well-beings
Get you some time for yourself, which is often forgotten by new moms

How much time it will take to bring me back in shape?

If you can wait for nine months to give birth to the child, hope you can wait for at least another 9 months to get your body in shape again; this makes sense only if you have enough self-discipline to practice yoga regularly as per the instruction given by your yoga teacher (yoga-Ausbildung in German language). If you don’t follow the schedule tightly and regularly, it may take longer for you to reshape your body!

Are you breastfeeding the child?

If you are breastfeeding the child while practicing post-natal yoga exercises, there a few things you must consider. Drink more water and wear sturdy bra to ensure your milk production doesn’t suffer. In case, you feel any difficulty in milk production, consult your doctor immediately. Avoiding these tips can make you undergo from headaches and reduce milk production. Remember, your child is your first priority. So, it is essential that you ensure your child doesn’t suffer in any way while you practice post-childbirth yoga.

How can I manage time for yoga?

“When I don’t have time to look at myself properly, how on earth can I manage time for doing yoga after pregnancy?” – If you have the same question in mind, I have got the answer for you. Learn yoga forms that you can practice with your new born baby. Or, you may use baby carrier while performing exercises in the studio. Many yoga classes allow moms to dance with their babies or use their babies as a free weight during yoga exercises. Surprised? You may browse the internet and see how yoga classes allow the new moms to practice yoga with their child. Furthermore, you need not to spend an hour or two behind postpartum exercises, sometimes 10-30 minutes is also enough!


If your back pain, pelvic pain or bleeding increases while performing post-natal yoga exercises, stop doing yoga and first contact your midwife or physical therapist. If you feel exhausted and stressed after postpartum yoga practice, stop it until your mind changes.

So, what’s stopping you now? Find your right yoga guru and get started.


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