There are many things that make up a good relationship. Fidelity, honestly and compatibility are all certainly important, but sex is also a big component in the equation. In fact, according to Art Markman, Ph.D., “Sex plays an important role in strengthening relationships in a way that goes above and beyond mere procreation.” However, if your love life is lacking, you may not engage in sexual behaviors as often, or it might even become dull. To spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, try these seven helpful tricks.

1. Express Your Personal Needs and Desires

Many individuals have something in particular that they want or need to spice up their love life. Instead of keeping it a secret or hoping that your partner will realize what it is, share your desires. This can help you to feel sexually satisfied, and your partner will know that he or she is doing a great job.

2. Think About It Throughout the Day

Your brain is one of the best sex toys you have, so spend a few minutes in the middle of the day thinking about sex with your partner. Maybe even send an email or text message to make sure that your loved one is having the same thoughts. This will make the evening sex that much hotter.

3. Dress Up For Your Partner

Sometimes just changing your outfit can make you feel sexier and get you out of a sex rut. Buy new lingerie or dress up in a fantasy costume as a surprise for your partner to improve your sex life and spice things up.

4. Invest in Sex Toys

If sex is beginning to feel monotonous, consider bringing some new sex toys into the equation. Adult stores sell plenty of great options for couples, or you might want to spend some time online exploring your choices in privacy.

5. Schedule Alone Time

For many couples, the biggest obstacle to a thrilling sex life is a busy schedule or a lack of time. If this applies to you, then schedule time with your spouse. Just as you would not answer your phone during a doctor’s appointment or a meeting, set aside an hour or two that is just for you as a couple to enjoy.

6. Increase Pleasure With Lubricants

Many women don’t enjoy sex, or even avoid sexual intercourse, because they are not properly lubricated. Flavored or even scented lubricants can increase the excitement of sex and improve the level of pleasures for both sexual partners.

7. Begin Having Sex at a New Time of Day

Many couples have sex at the same time or on the same day all the time. While this may work for some, it can add to the routine feeling of unexciting sex. Shake things up by trying sex first thing in the morning, or after lunch on the weekends.

Although only 48 percent of American are satisfied with their sex life, you don’t have to settle for ordinary. Using these tips can help bring some fun back into the bedroom and even improve your relationship.

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