Nurses make up the largest group of health care providers. They also spend a great deal of time educating other people on good health habits. That is why nurses are required to be meticulous about their health. Below are five things that nurses do to keep themselves healthy:

Nurses wash their hands frequently

Nurses can easily catch infections because they constantly work with sick people. However, nurses can prevent themselves from becoming ill by washing their hands frequently. They make sure that they wash their hands before and after they work with a patient. This not only protects the nurse, but it also prevents infections from spreading among patients.

Nurses have to eat a well-balanced diet

One of the cornerstones of healthy living is a well-balanced diet. Nurses are very cautious about the types of food that they consume. A healthy diet is one that is filled with whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables. A good diet keeps the nurse healthy, and it also gives the body energy to handle the physical demands of nursing.

Nurses engage in regular physical activity

Nursing is a profession that requires that one be in reasonably good shape. Not only do nurses spend a great deal of time on their feet walking, but they also have to lift heavy patients. That is why nurses keep themselves in shape by engaging in regular physical activity. Thirty minutes per day is the minimum amount of physical activity that people should get per day. Exercise not only prepares the body for strenuous labor, but it also reduces the chances of becoming injured. Back injuries are extremely common among nurses.

Nurses wear the proper footwear

Because nurses are constantly moving, they have to wear the right type of shoes. Proper footwear reduces some of the aches and pains that are associated with excessive walking. Proper footwear also protects the legs, back and other joints.

Nurses have to keep their stress level in check

Nursing is one of the most stressful professions. In fact, a recent survey revealed that over half of nurses are stressed from their job. The nursing shortage is causing many nurses to work long, irregular hours, and that is one of the main factors that is contributing to stress. Additionally, dealing with uncooperative patients and families can also take an emotional toll on a nurse. However, all nurses have to make sure that they keep their stress level in check.

Nurses should make sure that they take a break for five to ten minutes every couple of hours to be by themselves. They also need to make sure that they are careful not to bring their work home with them. Meditating, reading a book and exercising are just a few things that can be done to alleviate stress.

Again, nurses have to set the example that they want their patients to follow

Frequent hand washing, eating healthy, exercising, wearing the right shoes and keeping stress one’s stress level in check are just a few things that nurses can do to keep themselves healthy.

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