A new year has come. A lot of festival is going on as well as some festive eating. People will start their New Year journey with some cakes, chocolates, ice creams and all sort of unhealthy foods. But most of the people are trying to make resolutions like getting fit, having flat stomach on the New Year or getting healthy. I wish all of them a happy new year who have started to work to fulfill their resolution. And if you haven’t started to work hard then it is high time you should stick to your basics and follow my most favorite tips for fitness.

Tips to success

1. Setting realistic goals

A resolution must reach a goal. But most of the times the traditional new years resolutions fail because they are too extreme or unrealistic. Sometimes the resolutions are too much easy to reach. In those cases you reach the goal but the goal doesn’t make any changes to your fitness. So it is your duty to set a realistic goal. For example if you want to run in marathon without having the experience of running for a mile in your life then it is an extreme goal. I would set that type of goal after the new year. Well, if you try hard then you can prepare yourself to run in a marathon in one year. But this needs devotions and a lot of practice. I don’t think a folk with a family and a job would like to do such hard works. So setup a goal in the new year that can be fulfilled by you. Well if you try you can run for 0-1 miles in a month (barring medical problems) . That is more realistic. Now what you should don in the next 11 months? Rest on your laurels? So you should take a target like running for 5 to 8 miles at the end of the year.

2. Form a strategy

A simple strategy would be making a routine and stick to it. Daily goals are important to reach the long time goals. So a proper strategy would be developing a fitness routine. This routine will vary according to your sex, body type, age and goals along with your free time. This daily fitness routine will help you to succeed in long term goals because the elements are always going to be the same. This is actually a commitment to doing your daily fitness work and ensure of that feel good factor of a task completed. As a result you will be doing your exercises by habits. But in the early stages daily routine is very important. Again the daily goals should be realistic and you should stick to them and always try to plan those programs a week in advance so you will come to know what is coming in the week. Thus you will be able to create an adjustment between your fitness goals and other commitments of life. In your routine try to make some changes which will eventually change your life lifestyle. That means saying NO to a lot of bad habits. Care for your own meals. Don’t eat whatever gets in front of you. Try to evaluate the food values and your needs for them. Don’t snack a lot at work. Try to make a healthy packed lunch. Are you taking alcohol and the dose is higher than a light drink? Cut down these. Do you like to remain in bed for a long time? Get to bed earlier and get up quickly. Thus you will have extra time for workouts.

3. Adjusting Your Expectations

The main impediments to fitness are our modern western world. All the people expect fast food, fast internet, fast girlfriends/boyfriends, fast relations , fast cars and fast results. If you are expecting a fast result in your fitness levels then I afraid you have to be disappointed. And if you really want super-fast result in your weight loss, stamina level and fitness then you can catch injuries and your routine will be jeopardized. So I will suggest focusing on your goals rather than focusing in your body shape. Always remember slow and steady wins the race. You can follow some sensible but extremely important weight loss tips.

4. Consciously Focus On Food And Adjust Your Diet

We need the life force and vitality to go ahead in our life. So like a machine you need fuels. The better the fuel is the better the performance and stability and longevity will be. So in the new year it should be your goal to adjust your eating habits and food menus. Believe me , it is worthy. More than half of the battle will be won if you can control your diet. You need to know how to control hunger. I know the people who work hard and do gyms but hit plateaus easy. These people who work hard but losing weight surely eat something rubbish or junk foods in a huge quantity. Keeping a diary can be very cool idea. In this diary you can keep the records of what you have eaten throughout the week. After keeping it one or two weeks please go through it. You will be shocked to see the results! Eating healthy foods is not so hard. You don’t need to a rocket scientist to eat vegetables and fruits; lean meats and dairy products; fish and clean proteins. Try the best sources of protein or plant based protein.

5. If You’re Active But Want Better Results: Change Things Up

If you want some good results and also keen in doing some cardio then stick to it. Know what cardio can do for you. But if you are enthusiastic to cardio but don’t have time to run, cycle or swim then change the things up. If you are doing resistance training but not satisfied with the results then change things. Our body can adapt anything and it needs very few resources to do so. That’s why the western people are suffering from weight problem. The body can efficiently store fats. These days the foods are full of fats and rubbish things. These are nothing but tasty poisons. So we also need a variation in our workouts. If we run a lot our lungs and heart will work great. But if we sit in front of TV or do gaming we are likely to store fats. Try to vary the routine. Mix things up. Cut out 2 runs and include weight lifting. You will find the mad changes. Again if you are lifting weights for 5 days in a week make sure that you are doing work for all of the body parts. Never neglect cardio. Well, a 40 minute session of intense weight training is more effective than 40 minutes light jog. But you have to remember that endurance training is very much significant. Weight lifting is guilty of not taking care of our heart and lungs. So try to know what weight lifting can do for you. Do you think that muscle is more important than a healthy and overall fit body? I don’t think so. You can also learn about HIIT and implement HIIT in your routine.

I hope these 5 suggestions of tips have given you some sort of benefits. You have learned something from my 5 favorite tips to fitness success. Follow these tips and you may be indulging a little over the holidays. Enjoy the new and follow these 5 important fitness tips.

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