Relieving stress need not be expensive. Would you agree with that?

If you love your body and value your health, you should not let stress affect your life. Take note that when we get too stressed, we become prone to various illnesses, including depression.

In times like these where economic recession is still around, it would be more practical if we look for alternative ways to release stress from our bodies without spending money.

Now here are five cost-free ideas to de-stress:

1. Take a deep breath

When you feel so pressured at work or in school, you can take deep breaths to reduce the tension you’re feeling. It’s quite simple. Stop what you’re doing for a while and try to relax. Take deep long breaths to soothe your body. Hold the air for five seconds or more and then exhale slowly. Do this again several times until the stress you feel fades away. This works great for relieving stress.

2. Try yoga or meditation

Deep breathing is also used in yoga and meditation. One way of effectively warding off stress is yoga or meditation. Yoga combines breathing and stretching exercises which can help release negative energy such as stress from one’s body. With yoga and meditation, you are able to balance your body’s energy. This way, you get to relax and re-energize not only your body but also your mind. Try some excellent Yoga it is a great cost free idea to de-stress.

3. Keep your body active

You can also reduce stress when you keep yourself active by engaging in sports and exercises. For instance, you can do some brisk walking in the afternoon before going home or play some sports with your neighbour during weekends- basketball, tennis, etc. You can also go swimming on a weekend or try to do some physical exercises at home. Exercise is a great technique for reducing stress in the body; so do it regularly.

4. Share your problems

Another cost free idea to de-stress is sharing. You can also de-stress your body if you share your problems and worries. You can talk to a trusted friend about what’s bothering you or seek the advice of your parents on matters that cause you stress. Socializing with people can help you relieve stress. If you don’t feel like talking at all, you can share your problems by writing them down- you can make a poem or a diary which could help you cope with stress. This will definitely help you to reduce stress.

5. Entertain yourself

Finally, you can remove stress from your body by finding means to entertain yourself. You can spend some quality time at home and listen to your favourite music or watch some movie or television program to make you forget about your worries.

These are just five ways in which you can de-stress your body without any cost. Try them and say no to stress. Now you know how to de-stress. Apply these on your daily life.
So it is clear that reducing stress doesn’t mean to spend a lot of money by having expensive medicines. You can de-stress yourself by these excellent methods discussed above. Remove stress and lead a healthier, happier and tension free life.

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