Get rid of bad fat

To become a part of extreme weight loss technique you have to avoid all types of junk foods. These foods contain bad fats. So, try to avoid fast food, fried foods and sweets. Make a diet chart which doesn’t contain chips and candy. Increase the amount of good fats. You should have fats which are necessary for your health. And these necessary fats can be got from lean meats and low fat dairy products. We have to remember that not all fats are bad. We can have fish oil supplements. And if we eat enough fish we can get good and useful fats. By eating every kind of fishes and chicken meat we can have healthy fats. The food should be cooked with olive oils and white refined oils.

Trim the bad carbs

Most people do not understand the bad effects of excessive carbs. People think that only fat makes them fatty and weighty. But it is the carbs which eventually increase the weight. So we have to cut down the consumption of rice and wheat. We have to limit the foods which contain bad carbs. Sugar, white bread, potatoes and rice contains high amount of carbs which are not good for health. To keep yourself fit you have to stick with high protein diet. Have chicken and vegetables. Try to have a lot of fruits containing good carbs.


When we go out we generally take a lot of soft drinks. This should be avoided. Fizzy drinks make us fat and play a great role in increasing our weight. Instead of these we should have a lot of water daily. It will be great if we take a bottle of water in our bag when we go out.

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