To make yourself healthy and happy, you must follow a health and fitness regime. No one wants to do the hard work, but to keep ourselves fit and healthy, we have to at least put in some sort of effort. To have a sound mind and sound body, we need to follow some rules of healthy living. We don’t need to over-exercise, or must prevent ourselves from becoming lazy. It doesn’t need to be so complicated – 24 hour fitness is an attainable lifestyle!

Today I present 24 fitness tips to help you attain a higher level of physical and mental fitness. I have divided these tips into four segments, which are as follows:
24 Hour Fitness lifestyle

Mental improvement to start 24 hour fitness training

  1. At first try to develop self-confidence. When you start to believe that you can achieve what you want then you can certainly achieve that thing. It is a must to have self confidence. To achieve your goals and to become fit you have to lift your confidence level. This is your first duty to achieve 24 hour fitness.
  2. Do not get depressed when you are doing your fitness training. Most of the people start fitness training and they give up after some days. So do not try to do things which are out of your reach. Try to keep your fitness thoughts and deeds very simple. And you will be benefited surely.
  3. At first grow mental strength. Emphasize should be given to improve mental development. It is very obvious.
  4. Often we do not continue our fitness training due to lame excuses. We first have to dispel those kinds of things from our mind. It should be the first and foremost duty for us. Prepare yourself mentally for fitness training.
  5. Remove all unnecessary works files from your brain. Try to eradicate all the tensions that are totally unnecessary. Thus you will get more time to continue your fitness trip.
  6. Implementation of your jobs should be according to the importance of your job. This will help you to save time and you will be able to have a healthy life.

Start light fitness tricks after mental development

  1. Now you can start your fitness training. Make it your daily routine work. Just start to follow the rules of healthy workouts.
  2. At first have a look at your every day eating habit. Think about your diet. I am not saying you to reduce your meals. Just think about it.
  3. After having a look at your meals you should distinguish between good and bad foods.
  4. After distinguishing between the good and bad foods think deeply about your diet. Are you taking the right foods? Ask yourself.
  5. If you are able to understand all the facts about your eating habit, try to decrease some foods that are not good for you.
  6. If you have done all the experiments regarding your eating habit and decreased the bad foods, your fitness training is complete up to 50%.

Start to take medium level fitness tips

  1. Now you can gear up your training’s difficulty level. Try to avoid sugar and sweets. Decrease the sugar consumption up to 50%.
  2. Decrease the rate of red meat consumption. Try to have chickens and vegetables.
  3. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation. This will also improve your skin and hair condition.
  4. Try to take carrot juice regularly. This will help you to avoid the threat of diarrhoea, dysentery etc.
  5. Reduce your daily consumption of carbohydrates. Try to have more protein from plants. Try to live on plant based diet.
  6. Do some exercises for 10 minutes every day. You do not have to do very hard exercises.

Start comparatively hard work

  1. Now if your body and mind is ready to do bit heavy exercises then you can start to have some heavy work outs.
  2. Jogging in the morning for about half an hour to one hour time will be great for you. Make your body to sweat.
  3. Try some pushups daily. It will make your shoulders, arms and chest strong.
  4. Try to do some weight lifting. Only use very light weights primarily.
  5. Try to have belly exercise daily. It will reduce your belly fat. Abdominal exercises also helps in creating the body balance.
  6. Try to do some running or cycling before starting any kind of exercise. This is very important cardio, and can help to keep our heart healthy.

These are the simple but effective tips for 24 hour fitness. Enjoy these. Stick to your basic tasks and trim extra fat. Be enthusiastic and wait for the results.

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