Weight loss means the loss of total body mass. The main principle of losing weight is to burn more calories than consumed. If we have our mindset then we can lose weight effectively. Some people can gain or lose weight very easily. But for some people it takes a lot of time to lose weight. People having glandular problem suffer a lot in this regard. Sometimes we lose a lot of weight but in the long run this doesn’t work and we gain weight again. So it appears that weight loss is a chronic endeavor for some people. Exercise, weight training, efficient metabolism, keeping a diary about weight loss, more good food, less bad food are the common tips for losing weight. These are the tips which we should follow with great care. We all know about these techniques or rules but we don’t know the invaluable strategies which should be added to these techniques. There are some clinically approved strategies which are needed to enhance the weight loss program. To get started with weight loss program try to have a clear idea of what you are taking and how much calories it possesses. At the end of the day, count your consumed calories and compare it with standard diet charts.

1. Workouts or exercises

If you want permanent weight loss you have to do some exercise. More or less you have to do workouts. According to your age and physical condition you have to do exercises. Specialists mention that it is obvious to do exercise 5 days a week for about a session of 30 minutes. People who exercise according to their ability and maintain regularity are capable of losing weight more quickly. By exercising regularly we will be able to burn fat even when you are not exercising. The rate of burning calories is higher among the people who do exercise than the people having a diet only and not exercising. Recent researches show that 10 minute session of exercise works better than continuous 30 minutes. It is good news for the folks who are not been able to do workouts continuously for 30 minutes. Divide your activities to three or four 10 minutes sessions.

2. Maintain a diary for triggers that impedes your weight loss

If you don’t have a food diary then start it from now. It can be proved valuable. Wake from the bed early eat according to your habit of consumption. At the end of the day spend some time keeping your eating record. Is your natural eating habit is standard? Find out the standard diet chart. Compare your consumed calories. If it is bigger than the standard value, try to reduce it from the next day.

3. Eat alternative foods instead of eliminate them

When you talk about diet we just try to eliminate our foods. It is not at all helpful in the long run. If you are habituated to Pepsi or coke you will not be able to leave them that quickly. So instead of trying useless elimination eating habits substitute them. Try to have diet Pepsi or coca-cola. Then slowly you will be able to get rid of them. While eliminating any food item from your chart always keep in mind that dietary fat is very essential for your health.

4. Make some tasty drinks that can help you losing weight

Though we talked about some soda based diet drinks, it is better to get rid of them slowly. Try to have a lot of water. Instead of having skimmed milk you can have soy milk. These little changes in your eating habit can bring great success. When we talk about diet, we always mention about foods and forget about drinks. Drinks are equally important in maintaining diet.

5. Cardio

Cardio or cardiovascular exercises are different from strength and stretch training. Cardiovascular exercises refer to the exercises that involve the rise of the heart rate for a certain period of time. Running, walking, jogging, rope, swimming, cycling, treadmill, skiing and skating all are the examples of good cardio. If you want to lose weight but don’t want to do cardio then you have to depend only on diet, which is pretty difficult to accomplish. The amount of cardio is dependent on your desire to lose weight. But have cardio 3-5 days a week. If you want to lose less weight then do less cardio. If you want to improve your overall health then there is no alternative of cardio. Keep the rules and regulations in mind do cardio accordingly. You will definitely lose weight quickly as well as keep yourself free from cardiovascular disorders. Controlled blood pressure, cholesterol and healthy heart will inspire you to live your life with a great zeal and joy.

6. Eat slowly and accordingly

In modern busy life you don’t have time for anything. Even we don’t have time to eat with ease. We have to gobble it down when we get a little time to eat. But this type of eating habit is making us unhealthy. We gain extra weight, can’t enjoy our food and we have the digestion problem. The fast eating habit may be responsible for these incidents. So to extract the benefit of food we have to make it easy and slower. It will help our metabolism and help us to digest foods. We will not gain extra weight. Actually, it takes some time (almost 20 minutes) for our brain to understand whether we are full or not. If we eat fast then it becomes very difficult for our brain to catch the point in which we are full. So eat slowly and regularly. Never skip your meals, have them in small bites and enjoy the food.

7. Eat unprocessed natural food

Stop eating deep fried pork and artificially flavored soft drinks. Cheese, beef, pork get rid of them. Instead try to have lean meats. And most importantly eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. So ban the “bad” foods and start taking “good” foods. Eat whole grains and lean protein products this will give you nutrition and strength. These help you to control your body weight. Your diet should be based on the fruits and vegetables. Most of us are short on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Make them your first choice as a snack. Fruits have all the good carbs we need. Instead of having carbs from rice, wheat, potato we have them from fruits.

8. Fiber for weight loss

Fiber is the portion of the food that our body cannot digest. Mainly fibers are plant based foods. If you want to lose some weight then you should eat fiber based foods. When the foods are processed most of the fibers are taken out. Fibers are that type of materials which tend to slowdown our digestion. If you take some food full of fibers then you will feel your stomach to be full because it stays on your stomach for a longer period of time. This is how fiber works on weight loss programs. Whole grain bread stays in your stomach for a long period as contains fibers. In white bread almost all the fibers are taken out. So it will need much white bread to fill your stomach up. It is also true for meat and dairy products. So try to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain and brown rice as these are full of fibers. Fibers not only help to reduce but also minimize the risk of colon cancers. It helps the movement of our bowel to be smoother.

9. Lower your daily sugar intake

Sugar can bring some bitter experience for you. Consumption of sugar and weight gaining is intrinsically linked. We see sugars in soda based drinks. People have tea and coffee with sugar. These habits should be changed. We also have to be careful about the hidden sugar in different kinds of foods like bread and biscuits, salads, tomato sauces, canned fruits etc. Sometimes we saw a lot of products saying fat free but this doesn’t mean that it is calorie free. Sugar may be hidden inside the products. To get rid of sugar completely is not an easy task. You have to go half and half and your weight loss program will improved gradually.

10. Adjust your diet and exercise plans

If you are too much and want a long term result, please don’t do anything silly. For example if you are having a diet and not doing exercise then it will be tough. So try to have a proper diet and exercise regularly. Eating poorly can cause you to suffer from fake weight loss. So try to eat regularly. If you lose too much weight in a short period of time then don’t be so happy because it may be you are losing water and muscle only. And if it is really the reason then you will gain weight in no time. So try to adjust your diet and exercise for long term result.

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